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Radio Shack ripped off after glass smash
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A television and 20 to 30 pre-paid cell phones were stolen Sunday evening when about five suspects entered the Radio Shack store on Hatch Road after they smashed the front glass door and window.

The commercial burglary occurred at 11:46 p.m.

Sgt. Patrick Crane arrived first and located no suspects.

A surveillance video revealed five suspects who appeared to be black or Hispanic males with their faces covered, said Sgt. Jose Berber.

Other noteworthy crimes reported this week include these stories:

• BICYCLIST STOPPED, FOUND WITH DRUGS - A parolee on a bicycle was stopped late in the evening on Wednesday, Sept. 18 and found with methamphetamine which led to a home search where more drugs were found.

Officer Jeremy Lewis stopped Ollie Norman, 38, of Ceres, who was riding on Ninth Street at Standford Avenue at 11:43 p.m. Norman gave his name and said he was on probation. Lewis searched Norman and his backpack and located the meth. A probation search was made on Norman's home in the 3000 block of Fifth Street where officers found meth and plastic packaging materials.

Norman was booked on charges of possession of narcotics for sale.

• BIZARRE BEHAVIOR LEADS TO ARREST - A 28-year-old Ceres apartment dweller was arrested Thursday, Sept. 19 after he was seen trying to light wire on fire while allegedly under the influence of a narcotic.

Talwinder Bains was spotted at 12:15 a.m. by a security officer inside of unit #96 of the apartments at 1301 Richland Avenue. Bains was acting strangely, said officers, and had tried to flush a hand mirror down the toilet.

Bains was arrested for being under the influence of a narcotic.

• DUI ARREST MADE - An alleged drunk driver was arrested on Saturday night after he pulled into the parking lot of the Save Mart Shopping Center at Whitmore Avenue and Mitchell Road.

At 11:18 p.m. Officer Ron Collins was working DUI enforcement when he stopped a car driven by Brandon Blas, 35, of Modesto. Blas exhibited signs of being drunk and was arrested and booked for DUI.

• MAN ACCUSED OF BULLYING EX - Ceres Police arrested a man Sunday who allegedly assaulted his ex-girlfriend during a custody dispute in the 2900 block of Dale Avenue.

Police were called at 9:06 p.m. to the scene and learned that Esteban Olvera, 27, of Ceres, was the primary aggressor who pushed his ex girlfriend, removed her glasses and took away her cell phone to prevent her from calling 911.

Sgt. Jose Berber said Olvera was arrested on charges of domestic violence and destroying a cell phone to prevent a 911 call.

• SUSPICIONS LEAD TO DRUGS - A late Sunday night walk by two persons appeared suspicious and when investigated by Officer Kiashira Ruiz proved to be founded when the male and female both were found to be carrying drugs.

Ruiz was patrolling the area of Sauvignon Drive and Stonum Road at 10:50 p.m. when she felt Lawanda Thompson, 29, of Stockton, and Alex Rodriguez, 22, of Modesto, were acting suspiciously as they walked. She stopped and talked to the two which led to a search which turned up methamphetamine and oxycontin on both.

Thompson tried to pull away from Officer Ruiz as she was being cuffed and was forced to the ground.

Both were arrested on possession charges but Rodriguez was given an additional charge after it was learned that he lied about his name.

• BURGLARY LEADS TO SUSPECT WITH DRUGS - Thomas Bettencourt, 33, of Modesto, was determined to not be the suspect who attempted a Saturday morning burglary of a store at 1929 Mitchell Road, Suite #B, but he did have drugs on him as he tried fighting an officer.

A burglar alarm sounded at 3:34 a.m. but officers noted that no entry was made and nothing was taken. The business owner came down and gave the officers a name of a possible suspect, a former employee who lives down the street at Las Casitas Mobilehome Park.

Officer Greg Yotsuya patrolled the area and spotted Bettencourt riding bicycle without a headlight. When the officer tried to stop Bettencourt, he fled. He was pursued and lost control and fell on a grassy area near the park office. Bettencourt appeared confrontational and was ordered to the ground. When Yotsuya went to handcuff Bettencourt a fight ensued. During the struggle the officer said the suspect reached into his pants pocket, and would not give up his hands to be restrained. The officer saw a shiny object in the pocket which later proved to be a pocketknife. Bettencourt was restrained on the ground until other officers arrived.

During fight Bettencourt sustained injuries to his face and was transported to a Modesto hospital for treatment.

A search turned up a small plastic container filled with methamphetamine, a glass pipe and a hypodermic syringe on Bettencourt.