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Second Craigslist sale ends in theft
Ceres Cop Car

For the second time in a week, a transaction set up through the popular Craigslist website turned into a theft in Ceres.

The latest incident occurred on Thursday morning, April 14, at 8:57 a.m. when a seller of a smart phone set up a meeting with a man posing as a buyer. The two arranged to meet at the apartment complex at 2004 Evans Road so that the suspect, posing as a buyer, could see the phone. Once the man had the phone in his hand he took off running southbound through the complex with the seller's husband in pursuit. He lost sight of the thief at 1951 Darrah Street.

Ceres Police Department spokesman Lt. Chris Perry said his department believed the suspect may have ran into apartment #1, something they could not determine as the occupants were uncooperative and would not allow a search.

The suspect has been identified as a black minor. Police are unsure if he's the same suspect involved in the theft of a PlayStation IV video gaming system during an April 10 meeting by men posing as interested buyers during an encounter in the Central Valley High School parking lot. Two black males were involved with that robbery.