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Stevinson man arrested after police pursuit
Joseph Rios
Joseph Rios

A 21-year-old Stevinson man was arrested early Thursday after he led Ceres Police on a high-speed chase that ended in with a crash into an electronic electric sign trailer on Crows Landing Road.

The incident unfolded at 1:55 a.m. when Officer Eric Souza noticed a suspicious vehicle parked at Kentucky Fried Chicken on Whitmore Avenue near Central Avenue. Souza then spotted Joseph Rios, 21, of Stevenson, peeking into the glass door of the neighboring Chevron station which was closed. When Rios noticed an officer watching him he ran to his car and sped off westbound on Whitmore Avenue. Officer Souza pulled in behind the car and noted that the registration was expired over a year ago and attempted to stop the vehicle at Blaker Road. Rios ignored the red lights and siren and a pursuit was initiated. 

Rios sped to 90 mph westbound on Whitmore Avenue and ran a red light at Morgan Road before turning northbound onto Crows Landing Road which is a construction zone. No workers were present. Rios was traveling at approximately 45 mph when he approached Hatch Road. He ran over several traffic barriers and collided with an electronic electric sign trailer parked along the south side of Crows Landing Road just south of Hatch Road. The impact pushed the trailer into the intersection as Rios’ vehicle rolled to a stop at the northwest corner.

Rios was ordered from the vehicle and arrested. Rios displayed signs of alcohol impairment. The California Highway Patrol investigated the crash and conducted a DUI investigation as well. 

Rios was charged with evading a police officer, driving without a license and DUI.