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Stolen car recovered, suspect arrested
Ceres Cop Car

Ceres Police recovered a stolen 1997 Honda Accord on Tuesday, Nov. 21 and arrested the man driving it.

The owner of the Honda reported at 1 a.m. that his car was stolen in the 3200 block of Moonview Drive in Ceres. The victim believed the vehicle was stolen between 9 p.m. and midnight. The same vehicle was spotted about 25 minutes later by Officer Vince Hooper driving westbound on Service Road near Mitchell Road. Before attempting to pull over the driver, Dustin Jay Robinson, 18, of Keyes, Officer Hooper awaited backup from Officers Dirk Nieuwenhui and Kiashira Ruiz, and Sgt. Trenton Johnson. The vehicle was followed northbound on El Camino where Hooper attempted the stop. However, Robinson accelerated to speeds between 70-90 mph to flee. The Honda approached the curve prior to Park Street and the vehicle went into the oncoming lane and passed through the stop sign at about 40 mph. After crossing Park Street, the vehicle lost control and hit the east curb line of El Camino Avenue and went through a chain-link fence before coming to rest in the parking lot of a used car business.

Hooper ran to the car and pulled Robinson without incident. Passenger Lace Chapman, 24, of Keyes was handcuffed but later released.

Robinson stated he did not know the vehicle was stolen and he fled because he had a meth pipe and because he is unlicensed to drive. Robinson said he recently purchased the car for $550 from a guy he could not identify with no paperwork.

The owner of the car was called to the scene and said he never saw Robinson and didn't sell his car.

Robinson was booked for felony auto theft, possession of stolen property, evading police, and probation violation. He was on probation for auto theft during the arrest.