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Strange acting woman subdued
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A nude 63-year-old woman who was acting crazy and aggressive was taken to the hospital on Tuesday, July 15 after she removed from a garage in the 2300 block of Fourth Street.

Police assisted AMR paramedics who were there to treat the wounded lady at 6:09 a.m. The woman was hiding behind a water heater inside the garage of a home where the occupants knew her. The woman, who was screaming for help the entire time and refusing to come out, may have either suffering mental illness or under the influence of drugs.

During the night the woman had chased one person with a pitchfork and tried to hit another with a framing square. She had climbed into attic but fell through and had sustained injuries that included a swollen eye and cut on her forehead.

Members of the Ceres Fire Department helped to remove her and place her in the restraint of paramedics who took her to the hospital for evaluation.