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Street race ends in arrests of two men in their 20's
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A street race between the drivers of two Dodge Chargers were apprehended early Saturday on Mitchell Road and arrested for exhibition of speed with the cars towed for engaging in a speed contest.

At 12:27 a.m., Officer Christian Izquierdo was in the area of Hatch and Mitchell roads when he heard the sounds of racing engines and tires squealing. In the intersection he saw a white Dodge Charger and a black Dodge Charger, stopped side by side in the northbound lanes with the white car burned out dense white smoke that obstructed the intersection, causing other motorists to slow or stop.

Both Chargers then accelerated with tires squealing, as they raced northbound. Officer Izquierdo attempted to catch up to the pair of Chargers as they travelled neck and neck northbound across the Mitchell Road Bridge at over 70 mph. 

Shortly after crossing the Mitchell Road Bridge, both Chargers slowed and pulled over, yielding to the officer’s lights and siren. 

The driver of the white Charger, Angel Flores, 29, of Keyes was on probation for robbery and was detained in handcuffs. Other officers arrived and assisted with the arrest of Cameron McDougall, 27, of Tracy who was driving the black Charger.