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Suspect drops wallet at scene of break-in
• Police arrest man who was casing homes on Evans Road
Jason Kent.jpg
Jason Kent, 39, of Ceres, was arrested Thursday morning after he was seen casing the neighborhood and left his wallet at the scene of one break-in.

Alert citizens and Ceres Police worked together Thursday morning to stop a 39-year-old Ceres man who had allegedly broke into an apartment and was looking for other residences to enter to steal.

Police received a call at 6:30 p.m. from someone who reported seeing a man who later turned out to be Jason Kent, 39, of Ceres, knocking on doors in the 1800 block of Evans Road.

Officer Jeremy Caron rushed to the area and found Kent standing on a front porch and acting as though he was under the influence of drugs. Kent was arrested for being under the influence of drugs.

Meanwhile, Officer Matthew Berlier was sent to an nearby apartment complex on Darrah Street where an attempted residential burglary took place. An apartment door had been kicked in and the officer found a wallet belonging to Kent just inside the door. Police believe that Kent dropped his wallet while breaking into the apartment.

Kent was booked into the Public Safety Center for attempted burglary.