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Suspicious activity behind store proves to be drug deal
• Officer makes arrest behind dd's discounts
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An officer who happened to catch a drug transaction in progress behind a Hatch Road store ended up arresting a 37-year-old Modesto man on charges Thursday evening.

Officer Eric Gallegos was on patrol in the area of Hatch Road and Richland Avenue at 8:30 p.m.  when he noticed two men behind dd’s discounts who appeared to be making an exchange involving money. Gallegos contacted Rene Raya, 37, of Modesto, who was on felony probation for drug sales. Raya told Officer Gallegos that he was in possession of narcotics.  Two bindles of narcotics, one containing suspected methamphetamine and the other suspected tar heroin, were located in his shorts pockets.

Raya was arrested and booked for possession of controlled substances and a probation violation.