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Teen breaks into car, sleeps behind wheel
Ceres Police released this photo of suspect Victor Camacho, 18, of Ceres, asleep in a car he broke into in the 3500 block of Attika Street. - photo by Photo contributed to the Courier

An 18-year-old Ceres man was arrested Saturday morning after he allegedly broke into a stranger's car in the 3500 block of Attika and promptly fell asleep in the driver's seat.

Police said Victor Camacho, 18, of Ceres, appeared to be extremely intoxicated. He told police that he was only looking for a place to sleep but unable to explain why he placed the car transmission in neutral after he smashed out the passenger window.

The owners of the car witnessed the 2:12 a.m. break-in and called police. They saw Camacho allow the car to roll backwards out of driveway and saw him asleep in the car. The owners also placed a wood block behind the tire to prevent it from rolling any further.