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Threats land pipe wielding trespasser in jail
Daniel Campbell 2
Daniel Campbell

Ceres Police arrested a trespasser Wednesday afternoon, Oct. 23 after he allegedly refused to leave the Hatch Road AM/PM property and threatened to beat the clerk with a metal pipe he was holding.

At 2:58 p.m. a store clerk called police regarding Daniel Campbell, 36, of Ceres, refusing repeated requests to end his loitering inside the store and leave the property. Campbell allegedly produced a metal pipe and told the clerk if he continued to tell him to leave, he would “beat” him. 

The clerk showed Officer Myers the store surveillance video of the incident, which corroborated the account. Officer Myers recognized Campbell from numerous prior contacts and asked other officers to look for him. Officer Christian Izquierdo located and detained Campbell near the 99 Cents Only store. Police found a metal pipe in a cart which Campbell had in his possession. 

Campbell was booked for possession of a dangerous weapon, criminal threats, exhibiting a dangerous weapon and probation violations.