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Traffic stop becomes tense
Ceres Cop Car

A Sunday morning traffic stop became tense when a driver was seen by the officer reaching for something in his center console. Reinforcements were called in and it was determined the driver didn't have a gun but was trying to hide evidence of methamphetamine.

The incident started at 8:49 a.m. when Officer Dirk Nieuweinhuis conducted a stop on a car at El Camino Avenue and Fourth Street. As he approached the car he spotted the driver appear to reach for something in the center console. The officer held Miguel Servin, 36, of Modesto, at gunpoint and awaited backup.

Servin, said Ceres Police Department spokesman Lt. James Yandell, attempted to dispose of a small bag of methamphetamine. There was evidence that Servin tore the bag open and got some of the residue in his hair. Traces of the drug were recovered from Servin's hair and he was arrested and booked for possession of methamphetamine, and violation of the terms of his Post Release Controlled Supervision (PRCS).