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Two arrested for auto theft after chase
Dominic Geren (left) and Ivan Serbin were arrested for auto theft after a dangerous chase.

A Ceres teenager and Modesto man were arrested for auto theft by Ceres Police after they engaged in a dangerous pursuit with officers on Saturday evening.

Arrested were Dominic Geren, 19, of Ceres and passenger Ivan Serbin, 36, of Modesto.

Ceres Police Department spokesman Sgt. Sgt. Greg Yotsuya said the incident began at 11:55 p.m. when Officer Christian Izquierdo was suspicious about a brown four-door Honda in the parking lot of Summary Market, 1114 Herndon Road which was closed for business. As Officer Izquierdo drove up to the Honda he saw a man walk away from the passenger side of the Honda. The Honda then sped off northbound on Herndon Road in the southbound lane.

Officer Izquierdo activated emergency lights and siren to initiate a pursuit. The Honda made an eastbound turn onto River Road and came to a stop at Central Avenue. By that time Officer Nicolas Welsh had joined in the pursuit. Both Officers Izquierdo and Welsh slowly approached the Honda in their patrol cars when the Honda began accelerating backwards toward them. Seeing that the Honda was about to strike Welsh’s driver side door, Officer Izquierdo place his car’s front push bumper to block the Honda. The suspects then fled southbound on Central Avenue.

The pursuit made its way to Highway 99 by way of the northbound onramp at Herndon Road where it was driven southbound on the freeway. Because of the danger, officers terminated the pursuit but followed the Honda by driving southbound on the frontage road, El Camino Avenue. The Honda steered off of the highway at Fourth Street where Officer Eric Souza was waiting. Once on surface streets, Officer Souza attempted to stop the Honda and reengaged the pursuit at speeds of 35 mph.  When the Honda spun out at El Camino Avenue and Park Street, both Geren and Serbin were arrested.

The Honda proved to be stolen in Modesto. Geren was booked for felony evading of a peace officer, possession of stolen property and grand theft auto. Serbin was booked for possession of stolen property, grand theft auto and resisting arrest.