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Two arrested in Roeding Road residential burglary
Ceres Cop Car

Two persons were arrested for committing a residential burglary at 2558 Roeding Road early Monday after an alert neighbor reported the suspicious activity.

At 1:50 a.m. Officer Ross Bays drove to the vacant residence where people were taking property from inside. Officer Kiashira Ruiz arrived on scene first and saw a male hide from her. The male was found and later identified as Edward Ferrell, 36, of Modesto. Also located was Ferrell's girlfriend, Mary Gress, 28, also of Modesto. Gress was found to have two outstanding warrants for her arrest issued by the Modesto Police for which she was arrested.

Police believe both Ferrell and Gress were taking items from the garage with items like a refrigerator, tool organizer and chandeliers loaded into their truck. Their investigation revealed that an acquaintance of Ferrell's had been evicted from the house for not paying rent. The landlord stated they were required to store the former tenant's property for 60 days and that it was padlocked away in the garage. The lock had been cut off and another lock placed on it. The property owner suspected the former tenant had cut the lock and replaced it with a personal lock but couldn't prove it. Ferrell had entered the residence through the private lock attached to the side garage door that Ferrell had a key to.

Neither Ferrell or Gress had permission from the property owner to enter or take items. Both were booked for residential burglary.