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Two arrested at stolen car
Wampole and Curnett
Joseph Wampole and Meryssa Curnett, both of Stockton, were arrested in Ceres on Christmas Eve.

Two Stockton residents were arrested in the 3500 block of Beech Way near a stolen car which they used to ride into Ceres Christmas Eve.

At 7 p.m., Officer Pat Dayton found the two persons standing next to a white Ford Fusion looking through backpacks with flashlights. As Dayton rolled up to the scene, Joseph Walpole, 29, of Stockton began to walk away. When the officer ran the license plate number through DMV he learned that it had been stolen in Turlock.

Other officers located Walpole a short distance away. The key to the stolen Ford was located in his pocket. He gave his name and date of birthdate of someone else but during booking at the Stanislaus County Public Safety Center, Walpole’s true identity was revealed.

His companion, 29-year-old Stockton resident Meryssa Curnett had a warrant for her arrest issued by San Joaquin County for grant theft auto.

Walpole is charged with grand theft auto and providing false information to make another person liable.