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Two run from police at same time and are caught
Ceres Cop Car

Police Officer Justin Canatsy was chasing down a convicted felon in the area of Herndon Road and Sam Avenue last week when a second man began running from him in an unrelated incident.

The first foot chase started at 3:27 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 19, and ended in the arrest of both men who were runners in separate cases.

Officer Canatsy was getting out of his patrol car to approach Abel Valdivia, 19 of Modesto, when the felon began to run northbound on Herndon. Canatsy watched Valdivia hop a small chain-link fence and reach for his waistband before throwing down a loaded .25-caliber handgun. Canatsy held Valdivia at gunpoint when he saw a second unrelated man take off running from a vacant apartment unit and was ordered to stop. Jason Brown, 41, of Modesto, kept running. Canatsy updated fellow officers about Brown, who was later found inside another nearby apartment unit. As Brown was being held by an officer, a woman inside the apartment began verbally assaulting an officer. Both Brown and Angel Rodriguez, 29, of Modesto, turned out to be parolees with warrants.

Valdivia was booked on charges of be a convicted felon in possession of a handgun, resisting or delaying an officer and committing a crime while on bail.

Brown and Rodriguez were each charged as being parolees at large.