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Waterford woman arrested after breaking into occupied Ceres home
Shanna Kosters
Shanna Kosters

A 41-year-old Waterford woman who broke into an occupied home and scaring the female resident Sunday morning was later arrested by Ceres Police and charged with residential burglary.

Police said that Shanna Kosters exhibited strange behavior during the break-in in the 1400 block of Whitmore Avenue.

Officer Jesus Salinas was dispatched to site of the burglary at 10:03 a.m.

The woman living at the house said she was lying down in the bedroom with her daughter and heard the back door open and footsteps coming towards the bedroom. 

The victim said a woman, later identified as Shanna Kosters, 41, of Waterford, appeared in the doorway. Kosters appeared startled to find the house occupied and asked the resident about a red Honda Civic. The victim replied that she had no idea what the intruder was talking about.

Kosters then picked up a box that contained a new black beanie cap and walked out of the house while the resident called 911. She said she didn’t follow Kosters for fear for her daughter’s safety.

Kosters was seen into the back yard attempting to steal a bicycle just as a relative of the victim pulled up unaware of the burglary in progress. When Kosters was asked what she was doing, she again inquired about a red Honda Civic, which the relative also knew nothing about.   

Kosters, who had been unsuccessful in getting the bike over the fence, gave up and fled the area. Officers were unable to find Kosters but less than an hour later, she reappeared in the neighborhood. Officer Salinas located the suspect in possession of the stolen beanie cap at Morgan Road and Whitmore Avenue where she was arrested. After she was positively identified, Kosters was booked for residential burglary.