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Winton man arrested for DUI
Bruno Cardenas Toscano
Bruno Cardenas-Toscano

 A 28-year-old Merced County man was arrested early Monday for driving in Ceres while intoxicated.

Bruno Cardenas-Toscano, 28, of Winton, was found to have three prior convictions for DUI in the past three years and his license was suspended.

Officer Adam Hall was on patrol at 4:41 a.m. when he spotted a green Acura traveling westbound on Hatch Road approaching Highway 99. As the Acura made a northbound turn onto the southbound Highway 99 off-ramp Officer Hall activated his emergency lights and followed the car in an attempt to stop it and also to warn on-coming vehicles. The Acura continued against traffic on the off-ramp until he reached Ninth Street. It continued northbound in the southbound lane of Ninth Street. Eventually Cardenas-Toscano corrected his patch of travel and moved to the northbound lane, coming to a stop in front of the California Inn.

Officer Hall approached the driver and could detect a strong odor of alcohol on his breath. Officer Hall determined that the driver was under the influence of alcohol after he failed a breath test which showed he was nearly twice the legal limit to drive.

Cardenas-Toscano faces new felony charges of driving under the influence.