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Woman faces ID theft charges
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A Modesto woman faces numerous charges after she tried to pass a fraudulent check and open up an account under a fictitious name at the Ceres branch of Bank of America.

The bank called Ceres Police on Tuesday, Dec. 30 after Rachel Cisneros, 36, of Modesto, came into the Mitchell Road branch and presented the fake check with a stolen identity. Police started their investigation at 1:04 p.m.

The following day the bank called police a second time when Cisneros showed up again. She was arrested as she tried leaving. Detectives found her in possession of numerous ID cards, credit cards and account information belonging to other people.

"She was just going crazy with this stuff," said Ceres Police Department spokesman Sgt. Pat Crane. "We had multiple victims on that."

The material traced back to at least one auto burglary and one residential burglary. She was also in possession of a stolen purse.

Cisneros was charged with impersonating another person, ID theft and commercial burglary.