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Flood coming to skatepark Friday
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City officials expect the Ceres skatepark to be closed Friday as a nearby well is flushed of sand. The skatepark, located in a lower bowl-shaped area of Smyrna Park, will likely be flooded as city crews begin pumping the Smyrna Well at a rate of 3,000 gallons per minute.

"Hopefully it'll be usable by the weekend," said Phil Scott, director of Public Works Department for the city of Ceres.

Scott said that sand began appearing in the water after the Valley experienced a minor temblor about a month ago.

"Sand entered into the well," said Scott. "We think it fluffed off the side."

The well was shut down until the system could be cleaned.

Scott said attempts were made last week to flush the system but the job proved too large for the smaller sized pumps. The city is turning to a contractor to help with the flushing. The pump will be installed on Thursday.

The process will include a process called "jetting" whereby the well's bottom is stirred. Then vacuuming will take place. Scott estimates that it could take 100 hours of pumping until the sand clears.

The Smyrna Well is important since it is blended with better water from other wells to help meet water demands in Ceres.

Besides flooding areas of the park, the flushing will send some water into the storm drainage system.

Scott expects sand to end up on the concrete floor of the skatepark, which will be cleaned up by city parks staff members.

Questions about the process may be directed to the Public Works Department at 538-5732.