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Council approves more pay for city attorney
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City Attorney Michael Lyions will be receiving more compensation for his part-time role in the legal affairs of the city of Ceres.

On Monday evening the Ceres City Council approved an increase in compensation from $66.23 per hour for his 32 hours per week to $70 per hour. Lyions is currently makes $9,184 per month.

In addition, the council approved an extending paid vacation for the city attorney from three weeks to four weeks.
As a contract employee, the city does have any health insurance, FICA, retirement or workers' compensation costs with Lyions.

The council met in closed session recently and saw a justification in the increased pay since Lyions' last pay increase was in 2007. The council also justified the increase in compensation due to the "attorney's long history of providing competent legal services to the city."