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Council gets budget snapshot

The city is looking okay as far as spending habits aligning with the budget approved in July.

The Ceres City Council reviewed the 2016-17 budget for its first quarter standings and learned that ...
Some of the final budget figures for the 2015-16 fiscal cycle have not been finalized pending the annual audit. The city began the year with $4.6 million, meaning the year started out with reserves of 21 percent of the project expenditures. The city spent $18.7 million and took in $18 million into its general fund.

The first quarter ended Sept. 30. Due to a lag in major revenue sources, the city had only received approximately $1.5 million, or 8 percent, of the budgeted revenues, consistent with the last budget year. The city's spending, to date, is currently 2 percent under budget with actual expenditures approximately $4.4 million, or 23 percent of the $19.2 million approved budget.

Ceres City Manager Toby Wells said when the council approved the new budget it was expected that more reserve would have to be consumed. The council drew a line in the sand, however, and said it does not want to end the 2016-17 budget with anything less than 18 percent.

"So far, for the first quarter of the fiscal year we're on track," summed up Wells.