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Council mandates holiday furloughs
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City employees are subjected to a mandatory furlough of four days set for Dec. 23, 26, 27 and 30, essentially giving all a 12-day vacation when combined with the days off they get for the Christmas and New Year's Day holidays.

Ceres resident Len Shepherd asked why the council mandated the days off.

"Why we did it, I believe, was for budget reasons," said Ceres Mayor Chris Vierra.

Shepherd pondered how much saving was realized after learning employees aren't paid for the four furlough days.

Deputy City Manager Sheila Cumberland said the days were part of labor negotiations in concession for reduced pay.

"It is a considerable amount," Cumberland told Shepherd.

In addition, the Ceres City Council will not be meeting on its regularly scheduled meeting of Monday, Dec. 23.

Typically the council meets the second and fourth Monday at 7 p.m. unless the Monday falls on a holiday.