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Food truck ban no more?
City asked to rescind food truck ban
Taco Trucl
Decades ago the city of Ceres enacted a ban on taco trucks and other mobile food vendors, unlike Modesto that allows them at places like the corner of D and 14th streets. There is now talk of relaxing that restriction to allow them to show up at special events. - photo by JEFF BENZIGER/Courier photo

Taco trucks and food wagons are commonplace in Modesto, Turlock, Empire and other communities but in Ceres they are not permitted. A former Ceres liquor store owner came to the Ceres City Council last week and asked them to remove the long-time restriction.

John Georgis, who operated the Liquor King on Mitchell Road for 13 years before selling it last year, told the council last week that he wants to have a food truck in Ceres but noted that they are not permitted.

"I was originally going to leave the Valley and go somewhere else but I decided to come back," Georgis said. "I've loved this city; I've always loved it. I participated in a lot of community donations."

He asked if the council could rescind the prohibition to allow trucks per two-mile radius "that way we don't clutter the city with that image."

Mayor Chris Vierra shared that the city has been talking about allowing food trucks at special events like the summer Concerts in the Park.

City Manager Toby Wells said the council will be holding a Study Session in February or March to discuss the current prohibition as it relates to special events. He believes the ban was created out of a desire to protect existing brick-and-mortar eateries which have
Georgis said he would prefer to stay in Ceres where he enjoys a good reputation as a businessman.

"I'm gonna try to come back because I'm already kind of known."

He said he's not interested in running a "taco truck" but wanting to sell a variety of items like breakfast burritos, sandwiches and other items. Georgis has his eyes set on the shopping center where his former liquor store is. But Wells said his plans are "not likely."

"I hate to burst his bubble at this point but the council has an open mind where we do a discussion item and see where they're at on the overall concept," said Wells.