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Proposed American Tire Store told to reorient service bays
America Tire
This design of the proposed new tire store must be changed, said planners on Monday. - photo by Contributed to the Courier

A Les Schwab Tires may soon be getting some competition.

The Ceres Planning Commission on Monday considered an application to allow America's Tire Store open a 7,680-square-foot facility at 1800 E. Hatch Road - right next door to Les Schwab at 1830 E. Hatch Road. But the matter was tabled after a resident living south of the proposed shop expressed concern about noise and the panel called for a redesign.

Halle Properties, LLC of Scottsdale, Ariz., representing America's Tires, went before the commission on Monday seeking approval for a Planned Community Development Plan (PCDP) to develop the 1.51-acre vacant lot. Les Schwab is located immediately to the east.

When the applicant came to the city in August, city staff members had a discussion about how to improve the look of the proposed building "as well as the need to address how the proposed tire shop would be able to mutually coexist next to the Les Schwab tire service center such that both tire shops can benefit from such arrangement," said a report written by Senior Planner James Michaels.

The commission received a letter of opposition from the neighbor who was concerned over the potential variety of trees placed near the property line, the condition of the existing block wall and the potential for noise from the service bays. The commission directed the proponent to submit a revised site plan to reorient the building so that the service bays will face to the north and not to the east.

America's Tire Store has over 900 locations in the country and is adding about 50 per year.

"Prior to pursuing any property for a new store," wrote Don Thrailkill, the company's assistant vice president, "a detailed market analysis is performed on the location and evaluated with current demographic information for its potential for success. This includes reviewing other similar services in the area. Our belief is competition is good for business, as it gives customers the ability to choose and creates better service."