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More then 60 officers and four SWAT teams from the Ceres, Modesto, Turlock and the Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department, as well as specialized area task force members, executed search warrants Thursday morning at residences of five suspects in a Dec. 27, 2008 home invasion robbery at a home on Waynesboro Drive in Ceres.

Police arrested Julian Michael Perez, 20, of Turlock, and Anthony F. Garcia, 19, of Modesto, on attempted murder warrants with bail set at $1 million each. Arrested and charged with first-degree burglary were Jose Saucedo, 18, of Ceres, and Rick Andrew Marquez, 20, of Modesto. Their bails were set at $70,000 apiece.

Joseph Alapai Garcia, 20, of Modesto, was later arrested when he showed up in court on an unrelated matter. He was charged with attempted murder with bail set at $1 million.

Ceres police detectives engaged in a major hunt for the men who staged the Dec. 27 crime in which three persons were stabbed at an evening party in the 3700 block of Waynesboro Drive.

"There's been a lot of work done on this case," said Deputy Police Chief Mike Borges. "This is a huge case. There's 400 and something pages of documents here. It's an attempted homicide and burglary case."

Residents at the Waynesboro residence were hosting a party for a man who just completed boot camp when a carload of men showed up at 11:38 p.m. and forced their way inside the home. The party-goers put up a fight to stop the men after realizing they were up to no good, said Lt. Rick Collins of the Ceres Police Department. A fight ensued outside the house and worked its way inside. "It was just a big melee after that," commented Lt. Collins.

Months of detective work led up to last week's arrests, said Borges. Police were not divulging new details in the case because they want convictions, said Borges.

Initially police said the chief suspect pulled a knife and that three were stabbed. It appears now that four men were cut in the fight. One victim was stabbed 10 times and another man was stabbed in the scrotum. A third man who was stabbed was released after treatment. All three men were treated at Modesto hospitals. It's unknown if the fourth victim received medical treatment.

Lt. Collins said a suspect showed up at a Modesto hospital seeking treatment for a stab wound hours after the attack but left after becoming spooked.

The search warrants were served in the 1300 block of Richland Avenue in Ceres; in the 800 block of Herndon Road; in the 2400 block of Woodvale Drive, in Modesto; the 800 block of Broadway Avenue in Turlock; and the 300 block of Johnson Street in Modesto.