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Hughson council recall election date set
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With months of begging three Hughson council members to resign after the Civil Grand Jury found them in violation of the Brown Act, the Fair Political Practices Commission and the Hughson Municipal Code, a date has finally been set for the recall election that will take place Aug. 24. But with the date set, the council opted out of paying a maximum of $23,000 for the election through the county leaving the city to conduct the election themselves.

Ben Manley, one of the accused Hughson council members, suggested that with over 1,000 voters who want the recall, they could each pitch in $23 to fully pay for Stanislaus County to run the election themselves, he said at Monday's meeting.

Either way, the city of Hughson will have to pay for the recall election, said Annabelle Aguilar, Hughson's deputy city clerk.

With Manley, Doug Humphreys and Thom Crowder voting against paying the county to conduct the election, the city of Hughson only has one option available: run and pay for the election.

"The city would have to run the election itself which would be a stand-alone election that could cost more," said City Attorney John Stovall, who announced his retirement.

on Monday night.

To run the recall election, the city will need certified voting machines, certified ballots, a list of voters that can only be purchased through the county office, someone to verify the signatures, polling places, trained volunteers for the polling place, polling officials and potentially more things as Aguilar continues her research to run the recall election.

The cost to run the election through the city is unknown at this time but is expected to top the maximum cost of $23,000 through the services through the county.

"No matter what it's going to cost us, we don't have the time to set it up," Aguilar said. "All of this entails time of which we don't have."