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Bay area man, 66, sentenced in Keyes burglary
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Leroy Anton Just, 66, of Contra Costa, was sentenced to five years in state prison after he plead no contest to charges stemming from a felony burglary committed in Keyes.

Just was convicted on March 15 of felony burglary. He also admitted having previously served a prior prison term and that he was convicted of a prior robbery under California's "Three Strikes" Law.

According to Stanislaus County Deputy District Attorney Jessica Bustos, Just broke the glass front door to a closed commercial business in Keyes on July 8, 2015. When the owner arrived to check on the alarm he could saw Just inside the business. He was wearing blue socks over his hands in an attempt to prevent his fingerprints from being left at the scene. When Just attempted to flee, the owner was able to trap him in the building until police arrived.

Upon entry of the no contest plea, Judge Thomas Zeff considered the circumstances of the offense, the defendant's prior criminal history and the agreement between the parties before sentencing Just to 5 years in state prison, which included doubling his sentence for the prior "strike" and another year for having previously been to state prison.