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Cameras installed to watch dumpers
Debris on Rose
A large pile of debris was dumped on Rose Avenue within full view of heavily traveled Whitmore Avenue. The city has responded by placing surveillance cameras on a pole there. - photo by Jeff Benziger

A problem of illegal dumping at Whitmore and Rose avenues has caused the city to install a surveillance camera in an attempt to both thwart and catch violators.

“We have the ability to monitor that 24 hours a day and our code enforcement officers trained to monitor that as well,” Ceres Police Chief Rick Collins told the Ceres City Council at last week’s meeting.

Because there are problems all over Ceres, the city will be installing more cameras.

“We hear it all the time. We have a major illegal dumping problem. We’re going to bring in technology so if we can get some personnel to address this in the future.”

The council is considering a request of the Police Department to buy $100,000 worth of surveillance cameras to be stationed throughout Ceres to deter illegal dumping, vandalism and criminal activity. The expenditure would come from $5.8 million coming the city’s way as the second round of federal COVID-19 relief money.