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Ceres Fire hose nozzle replacement on tap
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Outdated fire nozzle technology that is two decades old will be replaced with nozzles meant for changed fire behavior due to a change in building materials and modern construction methods.

For about a year, Ceres fire engineer Dominic Magagnini contacted vendors and came back to management with an extensive report and proposal to change out all the nozzles currently used by Ceres firefighters. Those costs exceeded the city's budget so a phase-in plan had been considered but later rejected because differing nozzle styles would have to be operated differently in terms of pressure and handling.

"It needed to be a one-time change for everything," explained Ceres Fire Captain Mike Lillie. "We didn't want the firefighters at night or in a smoky environment have to look down and remember which nozzle they pulled."

Magagnini applied for a grant through a community foundation and learned that the project was funded.

Lillie reported that the nozzles were ordered on Dec. 6 and should be delivered within 60 days.

The grant does not cover maintenance or repairs of the nozzles but the city has then funds, said Lillie.

"It was a good work done by Dominic."