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Ceres schools chief tries on new jobs for video series
• “On the Job” video series created to recognize classified employees in May
Ceres Unified School District Superintendent Scott Siegel tries his hand at food service at Central Valley High School as part of a video series showing him working various jobs at different sites.

Ceres Unified School District posted a series of videos on its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages featuring Superintendent Scott Siegel working various jobs at different sites.

The “On the Job” video series was created to recognize classified employees during CUSD staff appreciation month in May.

“The idea was to make something honoring our classified employees and poking fun at me at the same time,” he said. “I didn’t work the jobs for a long period of time.”

“The videos are all memorable,” said Siegel. “They all have their own unique moments.”

Siegel 2
Supt. Scott Siegel learns the ropes of food service with Rhonda Whitehead, Director of Child Nutrition (left) and Kelly McBride (center).

Siegel spent time at Mae Hensley Jr. High with the office manager, Adkison Elementary as a paraprofessional, as a Walter White Elementary custodian, a Lucas Elementary groundskeeper, a Central Valley High School food service worker and the CUSD warehouse clerk.

“I wanted to demonstrate the difficulty and importance of their jobs,” he said. “They’re key players in the educational process. It was fun. In some cases, I was challenged.”
Scott Siegel

Siegel donned a hairnet, apron and gloves while stocking the salad bar at Central Valley High School’s cafeteria.

He also worked one of the electronic registers.

“The staff was gracious in allowing me to interfere with what they were doing,” Siegel said. 

Kelly McBride, a Food Service Worker, evaluated Siegel.

Siegel tried really hard but needs some improvement according to McBride.

Siegel 3
CUSD Supt. Scott Siegel plays the part of a janitor at a school.

“He did keep up with the names and numbers as the kids were coming by so that was really good,” she said. “It was a little hard for him to multi-task with giving the bread with the chili bowl. Our special diets, he was a little confused as to what to do. It kind of took a second. There’s some potential there.”

Siegel used a pallet jack to load cases of paper from the CUSD Warehouse into a delivery truck.

He accompanied warehouse clerk Arden Lambert for the drop-off zone at Don Pedro Elementary School.

“I may have left a scar on the concrete,” Siegel said. 

“I think Dr. Siegel has potential,” Lambert said. “I think he’d be a decent warehouse man. I don’t think he would ever be what I would consider an excellent worker. He needs to develop his technique with the hand truck and remember how to use the lift gate on the truck. Right now, if he continued, he would probably get hurt.”

Siegel will be featured in more videos in the future.

“We’re planning to continue this,” he said. “It’s very important for me to see what’s involved in their (our employees’) jobs. If they’re not done, it makes it difficult for us to educate kids.”