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Cesar Chavez’s seventh-grader Brandan Kry tapped for honors by club
Brandan Kry
Standing with Cesar Chavez Jr. High School seventh-grader Brandan Kry during his honor bestowed on Friday were: (left to right), Rotary Club President Paul Rutishauser, Principal Rogelio Adame, Brandan and his father Kry Leang, and Michael Bryan, teacher and Commandant of California Cadet Corps. - photo by Jeff Benziger

Cesar Chavez Jr. High School seventh-grader Brandan Kry was honored Friday by the Rotary Club of Ceres and Cesar Chavez Junior High School as a “Rotary Student of the Month.”

Kry is currently enrolled in Honors Math, Science, and ELA programs. He has earned a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.9 and although nominating staff are impressed by his academic accomplishments, but equally impressive are his kindness and most respectful demeanor exhibited on campus to peers and staff alike. His positive demeanor is said to be contagious and contributes to a positive school climate.

Brandan is a student who excels at everything he does. His California Cadet Corp Commandant, Michael Bryan, indicated that Brandan has been the cadet to make the fastest rank of corporal. Furthermore, Mr. Bryan indicated that Kry is a natural leader, and that his fellow cadets look to him for guidance and leadership.