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Citizen asks council if use of corner handicapped ramps for driveways is legal
• City staff researching for an answer
handicap ramps use
This photo of an Eastgate residence was shown at last week’s Ceres City Council meeting with the question from Gene Yeakley: is it legal to use a handicapped ramp across the sidewalk for vehicular access into a side yard? - photo by PHOTO CONTRIBUTED

Some residents of Eastgate and other locations in the city have been making use of handicapped ramps at corners to make side yard driveways, prompting a Ceres resident to raise hackles at the March 28 Ceres City Council meeting.

“This is what’s been happening around Ceres for some time,” Ceres resident Gene Yeakley reported to the council after the city clerk was asked to display photos he took at various locations around town. “I just happened to go down the street and I thought, wow, that’s weird. And a block or so down later there’s another one. I think from previous experience in talking to (Councilwoman) Linda Ryno and her communication with code enforcement or the Planning Department, this is a no-no. You can’t use the crosswalk as a private driveway.”

He wondered why nobody in the community has made the city aware of this before.

“I hope we can take care of this but it’s just not that particular area – it’s on the west side too.”

Christopher Hoem, the city of Ceres Community Development director, was asked to comment sand said, “Code Enforcement and our city attorney are currently reviewing this matter. We can respond more fully once our research is complete.”