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City gears up for street treatments
Street overlay 2023 Ceres
This graphic shown to the Ceres City Council last month shows the street projects that are being planned for this summer.

Bids were opened yesterday from contractors hoping to snag $2.01 million worth of work from the city to overlay a number of streets in Ceres.

City Engineer Kevin Waugh said the city hopes to have the work done by late August or September although the schedule will be provided by the contractor who submits the lowest responsible bid.

“Once the bids are received, staff will review the cost proposals and verify/determine the actual scope,” said Waugh. “Sometimes the actual scope must be reduced to meet budget constraints.”

The Ceres City Council is expected to award the winning bid on Monday, June 26.

The list of streets to be slurry sealed for longer road life is contained in the graphic box at right.

Funding for the project will come from Measure L, the 25-year half-cent sales tax approved by county voters in November 2016. Ceres receives about $1.2 million annually from Measure L.

In a recent report to the council, Waugh said that 55.9 percent of Ceres roads are considered “good,” 26.9 percent considered “fair” and 17.2 percent in “poor” condition.

“We never have enough money to do all the roads we want to do and I really want to try to make that happen,” said Waugh. “My goal is to keep on it and make the streets and roads of Ceres constantly improving.”