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City outlines time frame, rules for leaf and limb disposal pick-up
City Connection

The City of Ceres and the Ceres Courier have partnered to provide readers with current events and important information from the City of Ceres Public Works Department in a regular feature, City Connection.

From Oct.. 1 through Jan. 9, the City of Ceres offers residential customers leaf & limb disposal pick-up service on an every other week basis for the collection of loose leaves and tree and shrub limbs. Collection of leaf and limb debris occurs on the day following the residence’s scheduled recycling pick-up day.  This service is not provided for apartment complexes or businesses.

Please remember that Leaf & Limb piles will not be collected unless all of the following criteria has been met:

• Limbs must be cut in lengths of four feet or less and no larger than six inches diameter.

• Place loose leaves and limbs in piles at least one foot away from the curb in front of your residence.

• Materials may not be placed any sooner than seven days prior to the scheduled collection day.

• Leaves and limbs must be placed in the city right-of-way in a manner that does not present a traffic hazard or obstruct stormwater flow.

• Leaf and limb piles must not contain garbage, dirt, plastic bags, tree stumps, palm tree branches abnd/or grass clippings.

Any piles placed for collection that contain prohibited materials will not be collected and must be removed from the street within 24 hours. Further, collection piles containing prohibited materials, which remain on the public right of way, shall be considered illegal disposal and are subject to the penalty provisions and enforcement action of the City of Ceres Municipal Code.

If you need more information on how to dispose of certain wastes, or would like more information on the City of Ceres Leaf & Limb Collection Program, visit the City’s website at or call (209) 538-5732.