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City still advancing water conservation

Water conservation is still very much on the mind of Jeremy Damas, Public Works Director for the city of Ceres.

In his September report to the City Council, Damas noted that his department issued 22 courtesy notices regarding outdoor watering violations, issued 105 excess water consumption courtesy notices, 113 fines for excessive water target consumption fines  and delivered 47 warnings for water wasting and 24 fines for wasting water.

Damas’ report indicates that in September Ceres residents used 106.98 gallons per person per day. That figure is 13 percent less than the use in September 2013.

So far this year, however, the annual water consumption rate per person per day averages 91.57 gallons.

The city is still issuing rebates for residents who purchase and install water-saving dishwashers, toilets washing machines, and so-called smart irrigation systems.  The city issued eight rebates for ultra-low flushing toilets. The city also offers payment for residents who replace grass in their yard with a dryscape design. The city offers $1 per square foot up to 500 square feet. To qualify for a rebate, the city must approve of the dryscape design to take the place of grass with a combination of bark or stone and drought-tolerant plants.

As of Sept. 30 the city had issued 64 rebates for water savings.

To help Ceres households keep a reign on water use, the city is offering to conduct a water audit. This will allow the city to increase an allotment to account for more people in the home as well as offer tips on water saving practices. City staff will provide residents with efficient fixtures to replace any inefficient fixtures on site. No changes will be made to targets without a completed water audit. To schedule a water audit call 538-5732 or visit the city online and enter a customer service request at The user will click on the «Submit Request» option listed on the bottom of the webpage, and then select «water conservation» as your topic. Once the personal information has been filled out, the resident should enter «Requesting water audit» in the description section and submit. A water conservation employee will call to schedule an appointment.

To report Water Wasters or get free help with setting of your irrigation timers call the Public Works Office at 538-5732.