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City won’t get in truck parking business
It's not easy for drivers of tractor-trailer rigs to find parking in Ceres but the city is not in a position to help our locals.

A Ceres truck driver asked the Ceres City Council if it was interested in helping local big-rig owners with parking and was bluntly told no.

Omar Jackson said that nobody wants to see trucks parked along streets “but they’re here and they’re not going anywhere.” He asked if the city had any vacant land that could be used for truck parking.

“We’re all fighting for spots over at Clawson Trucking."
Omar Jackson

“We’re all fighting for spots over at Clawson Trucking,” said Jackson. “He’s kind enough to allow us park on his land but it’s limited.”

He said local truckers are “stuck – everybody tells us what we can’t do but no one is telling us what we can do.”

“Sounds like a business opportunity to me,” said City Manager Toby Wells, who said the city does not own land available for parking. “Unfortunately for the city, that’s not a business that we’re good at and not something the city would likely be entertaining.”

He said the city gets regular complaints about trucks parked on Ceres streets and city staff has talked to persons interested in truck lots “but they don’t seem to go anywhere.”

Mayor Chris Vierra said he understands the dilemma that truckers face but said the city cannot help.

“I guess we’re open to suggestions but I don’t think we have the means to be able to do that,” said Vierra. He suggested it might be easier to pursue truck lots in the county jurisdiction where development standards may be different. He said he would pass along word to entrepreneurs to see if someone might be interested in setting up a lot.

Jackson said he pays $75 per month to park his truck at Clawson’s yard on Faith Home Road.