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Cub Scout hailed as a hero for assisting in store medical emergency
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Francisco Regua was playing a video game inside the Ceres Walmart store on Saturday afternoon, May 18 when he heard a plea over the loud speaker for someone speaking sign language to come to the aid of a customer in distress. The 10-year-old Cub Scout immediately jumped into action, helping a medically troubled man who was unable to communicate.

His actions helped convey that the man was worried about falling low blood sugar and that he needed medical attention.

"He (victim) was having a fit because there was nobody who could understand him," said Diane Holdaway of Ceres, the great-grandmother of the scout.

Francisco knows sign language because his mother is deaf.
The man was in the store with his wife and the two became separated while shopping. Because his wife is also deaf, she could not hear the loud speaker call.

An ambulance came for the man and he was treated at an area hospital.

"We heard he was okay," said Holdaway, who said she is proud of Francisco.

Store employees hailed Francisco as a hero, took his photo and gave him a gift certificate.