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Deputy Condit injured in Ceres crash
Driver, 20, violates path
Condit crash
Stanislaus County Sheriffs Deputy Brock Condit of Ceres was injured Jan. 1 when a second driver cut in front of his westbound Hatch Road path at the entrance to Rancho San Miguel Market. - photo by Courtesy of Ceres Police

Stanislaus County Sheriff's Deputy Brock Condit sustained minor injuries New Year's Day after another motorist pulled out in front of him on Hatch Road and the front of his patrol car was demolished.

According to Ceres Police Department spokesman Sgt. Pat Crane, the crash at 6:53 p.m. occurred when an eastbound motorist made a sudden left turn in front of the westbound deputy and Condit had nowhere to go but into the second vehicle. The crash did significant front-end damage to the patrol car. The wreckage ended up at the entrance of Rancho San Miguel Market in 1600 block of Hatch Road.

Crane said driver Kirk Meyer, 20, of Turlock, is considered at fault because he had a green light - not a green arrow - and it was not clear when he violated Condit's right of way.

Condit, 37, suffered pain in the crash and was taken by ambulance to be checked out at a local hospital. Meyer sustained a laceration to his face and was treated and released on scene.

Ceres Police temporarily took custody of Condit's sheriff's canine which was not injured in the crash.

The crash is being investigated, said Sgt. Crane, with a possible citation in store for Meyer.