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Eastgate resident wants dead-end street party location remedied
• Wants city to place barricade to block off access to secluded spot
Bougainvillea Drive and Fiddle Leaf Lane
A resident has asked the city to place a barricade where Bougainvillea Drive and Fiddle Leaf Lane meet t prevent the dead-end street from being used as a party hangout where trash, drug paraphernalia and condoms are routinely left. - photo by Jeff Benziger

Manjeet Kaur is sick of a dead-end road next to his Eastgate home being used as a party hangout punctuated by noise and trash and other illegal activities.

Last week he appealed to the Ceres City Council to do something about the problem.

The Bougainvillea Drive resident asked the city to place a barricade where the street and Fiddle Leaf Lane meet as when he moved to his house. There is no need for the stub of a street to be left open since the street is not a through street, he said.

“It’s becoming a nuisance and I’ve lived there for 11 years and it’s getting bigger and bigger,” said Kaur. He said people park their cars in the area, play loud music, sometimes have sex and leave condoms and trash everywhere.

“I’ve called the Police Department but they can’t really do anything about it because the people see the (police) car coming from a mile away, they hide their marijuana, they throw their liquor away, they turn their music down and then late at night they rev up their cars and shoot down Fiddle Leaf and there’s old people walking late at night. They’re constantly doing it. And it’s not just one person, one car. You would not believe how many cars come out there. It’s total trash. I pick it up every couple of days and it’s back again.”

He said Code Enforcement Unit came out and said not much can be done.

The problem area is within sight of the new Guillermo Ochoa Park.