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Gray: Brown snubs Valley in final U.C. Regent appointment
Adam Gray
Adam Gray

State Assemblyman Adam C. Gray (D-Merced) released a statement on Jan. 8 as outgoing Gov. Brown failed to appoint a University of California Regent from the Valley.

“The San Joaquin Valley has not had a regent since 2016,” said Gray. “The 26-member board is already brimming with representatives from Los Angeles and the Bay Area, but despite nine different opportunities to correct this lapse, Governor Brown has failed to act.

“I have personally spoken to Gov. Brown about what I hoped was his unintentional prejudice, but last week’s appointment of yet another Los Angeles Regent tells me he was not listening. It’s downright offensive that despite hosting a UC campus in Merced, the governor refuses to allow a San Joaquin Valley resident on the Board.”

Gray said he is “optimistic that Governor Newsom is committed to representing all of California and will provide the Valley a voice on the Board of Regents as soon as a vacancy makes that possible.”

Brown left office on Monday, Jan. 7.