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Landmark Ceres eatery closes its doors forever
Jennys Family Dining gone
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Jennys Family Dining at 1515 Herndon Road, closed its doors on Sunday. A sign in front says it is closed forever. - photo by JEFF BENZIGER/Courier photo


Jenny's Family Dining, a Ceres eatery that has served locals and Highway 99 travelers for approximately the past 13 years, closed its doors Sunday.

Attempts to reach Jenny Horn, the restaurant owner, were unsuccessful. Jim Delhart, owner of the building who previously operated Delhart's Family Dining at the site, said the business struggled to make ends meet in the current economy.

The business' Facebook page included a last entry of Jenny Horn that shows her giving a peace sign, captioned, "That's all she wrote folks!!!"

The business, tucked on the east of Highway 99 and just south of the Hatch Road offramp, is known for its rustic barnwood exterior and large banquet room that once hosted weekly Ceres Rotary Club meetings. The business had hosted karaoke nights on Wednesdays from 8 p.m. to midnight. A number of local country musicians performed in the bar.

Jenny's found competition in the Hatch Road business district when two nationally familiar chains in IHOP and Denny's opened in Ceres.

Former Ceres Mayor Jim Delhart, 78, said he plans to sell the building but has not ruled out leasing the building for another use.

Delhart is in the midst of selling off some of the 15 properties he owns, including the Bank of Ceres building at the southeast corner of Fourth and Lawrence streets in downtown Ceres. He is plans on keeping his Delhart's Home Furnishings business on the corner to the north.

"I'm soon to be 80 but I'm coming on down because I've got too many things going," said Delhart. "I've got over 15 pieces of property. I'm just tired of working. I've got all these investments out here and it's too much for me."