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Man seeking dad 35 years later
A new father, Chris Tharp of Paso Robles, is on the search to find his own dad who grew up in the area.

Christopher Tharp doesn't remember his father. Now 37, Chris was only two years old when they were last together.

The Paso Robles mechanic is now hoping to be reunited with not only his father but his dad's relatives who were once living in the Ceres, Keyes and Turlock areas. The recent birth of Christopher's son, Jonathan, sparked a desire to find his father.

"I have a six-month-old son that I can't live without and it just kind of dawned on me maybe he's out there somewhere wondering about me," said Tharp. "So I've decided to search for him."

The search, which started about a month ago, has included the sending of about 50 emails and numerous letters.

"I have sent out over 75 letters to possible relatives and former classmates, but it is a very meticulous process that isn't giving me much result," said Tharp.

At this point, he's not certain that his dad - who was 15 at his birth and would be 53 today - is still living. But there are indications he may be living in Kansas.

"I would probably ask him if he's interested in meeting his grandson. That's probably the first thing I'd say to him."

The product of a short-lived teenage romance that developed between students at Turlock High School, Christopher was born as Christopher Tharp at Memorial Hospital Ceres on Nov. 30, 1977. Chris doesn't know much about his dad other than his name is Mark Lockhart and attended Turlock High School in 1976 and 1977. Searches of all THS yearbooks from the 1970s produces zero results for a Mark Lockhart but did turn up Chris' uncle, his dad's brother, Terry Lockhart, who went to Turlock High in 1973 and 1974.

On Friday Chris learned from Turlock High School that Mark Lockhart was born on Jan. 2, 1962 and that his grandparents of record were Felton Jack and Blanche Lockhart. An internet search indicates that Felton Lockhart died in March 1989 and Blanch remarried in 1994 in Arkansas to an Edward Garrett. However, an online obituary indicates that she died in 2012 in Elgin, Kan. Further internet research indicates Mark may be living in either Coffeyville or Sedan, Kan.

Chris' only contact with his dad's family came around 1992 when he accidentally met his half-brother, Jeremy Lockhart, at Keyes Elementary School during the brief time he was attending eighth grade there.

"The last I heard he moved to Missouri but I was hoping that I could get in touch with some family."

Anyone who knows how Chris can get in touch with Mark, Terry and Jeremy Lockhart or other relatives may contact him by calling (805)369-3399 or emailing