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New stop signs ordered for rural locations
Keyes overpass
A new all-way stop will be installed atop the Keyes Road overpass for both northbound and southbound ramps.

Acting on a recommendation by Caltrans, the Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors has approved all-way stop controls at four intersections in the Keyes and Turlock areas.

The four intersections are:

• On the Keyes Road freeway overpass at the southbound ramp;

• On the Keyes Road freeway overpass at the northbound ramp;

• South Washington Road at West Harding Road;

• South Walnut Road at West Harding Road. 

Caltrans recently conducted traffic safety investigations on the Keyes Road southbound on ramp and found that it met the warrants for an all-way stop. The study determined that five reported crashes in a 12-month period could have been prevented by an all-way stop.

Currently traffic is unimpeded for those driving on the overpass. That causes a lot of folks to make unsafe darts to turn left onto the freeway onramp.

Caltrans staff is also recommending making traffic stop at the northbound ramp in order to meet driver expectation and maintain consistency at Keyes Road interchange. 

Caltrans will perform all work to install the recommended signs and associated striping. Caltrans is the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) lead agency for this project.

County staff recommended the installation of all-way stop control at two intersections along West Harding Road – at the intersections of South Washington Road and the other at South Walnut Road. West Harding Road runs alongside the Turlock Irrigation District canal. Washington and Walnut roads both have bridges crossing the canal adjacent to the intersections which can interfere with visibility of approaching vehicles which don’t have to currently stop.