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Officer watched beer run, arrests two females
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Two women will face a judge after their Saturday arrests following an alleged theft of beer.

At 2:17 a.m. Officer Freddie Ortiz was on patrol, driving southbound on Moffet Road approaching Whitmore Avenue when he spotted an older blue Ford Tempo parked in front of the AM/PM at the corner. The Ford was facing east and not in a parking stall. Ortiz then saw two females run out of the store and jump into the awaiting Ford, which then accelerated away. The car gunned northbound on Ninth/Moffet, while Ortiz spun a U-turn to chase the vehicle. The suspects' car stopped three blocks north of Whitmore Avenue.

At the same time, the store clerk at AM/PM phoned in a report of theft of beer, describing the two suspects. Amy Luna, 23, of Modesto, and a 17-year-old female from Modesto were arrested for theft. Police recovered the stolen 18-pack of Budweiser worth $16.10.