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Old downtown library building makeover ordered
• New Mexican restaurant to occupy one half
Khacho building
The front of 2943 Fourth Street has been stripped of most of its old exterior as Sam Khacho plans to add a new facade for a Mexican restaurant and another use yet to be determined. This building was used in the 1960s as the town library. The side had a mural from the 1961 Paint Up Days. - photo by Jeff Benziger

The former Ceres Library space that most recently was used as the DeBoard & Govett Chiropractic offices is being primed for a makeover on the heels of the renovation of Fourth Street.

The 1980s-era façade was recently ripped from the face leaving it looking much like it did in the early 1960s. Owner Sam Khacho said that architects are working on a completely new façade that will be “unique looking.”

“We’ve got the drawings for that and that should be coming in the next 30 to 45 days,” said Khacho.

Inside, the southern half of the building is being refurbished for a new Mexican restaurant.

“There’s no name yet,” said Khacho. “They’re working on the inside trying to get everything done. They’ve done quite a bit but you can’t see it from the outside.”

Khacho is marketing the other half for lease. It measures about 2,400 square feet.

Khacho said his company is planning to develop a shopping center on Mitchell Road near Highway 99.

“We’ve got a few interesting things coming in there and then we’ve got another project on Roeding and Mitchell as well but this is down the road.”

Khacho Enterprises owns  the Three Amigos Auto Center in Modesto and the Rusty Nail Night Club just a block south on Fourth Street in Ceres.