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Park vandalism concerns councilman
eastgate park vandal
Relatively new playground equipment at Guillermo Ochoa Park in Eastgate has sustained damage because of adult use and abuse, suggested Acting Public Works Director Sam Royal.

Playground equipment in Guillermo Ochoa Park is being broken by adults using it, a councilman learned last week after he questioned the costs of vandalism there.

Councilman Mike Kline pulled the agenda item relating to the Public Works Department monthly report and noted that “one reoccurring is vandalism at Ochoa Park.” He noted how the council just approved ARPA funds to complete the park “but we keep having to repair” vandalism. Kline asked whether surveillance cameras could be set up to catch vandals in the act.

“Every month that’s all I see on there – vandalism,” said Kline at last week’s City Council meeting.

Acting Public Works Director Sam Royal said new featured have been installed at the new east Ceres park “being vandalized by adults and we’ve seen that time and time again. We’re trying to make our best effort to have the adult not abuse this playground equipment.”

City Manager Alex Terrazas said staff can look into installing temporary cameras in the park or expedite the purchase of permanent cameras for the park.

Royal said the park suffers from lack of adequate lighting.

When asked what the costs come to, Royal said that covering graffiti and/or fixing broken park amenities can cost an average of $6,500 per month.