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Police: Parents creating dangers around schools
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School started Aug. 11 for the estimated 13,500 students in kindergarten through 12th grade and Ceres Police officials are asking for help with a problem of parents creating a huge traffic mess at all of the campuses.

"They are all a mess now," said Ceres Police Sgt. James Yandell of the streets around the schools. "From the parents jaywalking to popping out between cars into traffic, you name it."

Yandell said the department has been saturating the areas around campuses with patrols "as much as we can but with one traffic officer and one admin we can't hit every school. We are literally running from one school to the next to address the issues."

The department has been in education mode the first week, saving citations for weeks into the school year. The Traffic Unit also takes time to educate students and drivers.

The following are common violations committed by students and parents and or drivers in school zones and areas close by to schools:

• Speeding in a school zone. Speed limit is strictly 25 mph;

• Failing to obey a posted sign, such as abiding by right turn only or no U-turn signs;

• Walking in the roadway failing to yield to oncoming vehicles;

• Not using the crosswalk designated for your school;

• Stopping in the roadway to let a child out, which impedes traffic;

• Parking a in a red zone, which is strictly prohibited;

• Failing to stop for a pedestrian in a crosswalk;

• Juveniles not wearing a helmet while riding a bicycle, skateboard, roller blades or scooter;

• Juveniles or drivers wearing ear buds in both ears while operating a motor vehicle or bicycle;

• Drivers leaving their children in the vehicle;

• Driver not stopping for school buses when the buses have flashing red lights and a stop sign erected;

• Drivers talking on cell phones or using their smart phones.

The traffic unit's goal is to decrease all pedestrian and motor vehicle collisions. The traffic unit can be reached at 538-5678 if you have any questions or complaints.