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Police release locations where illegal fireworks citations
• 34 citations written that will cost fines of $2,500
Aerial displays of fireworks are illegal yet common place in cities all over California and Ceres was no exception on the Fourth of July.

The Ceres Police Department released the locations in Ceres where residents were cited for the use of or possession of illegal fireworks.

Ceres Police issued 34 citations for illegal fireworks which will cost $2,500 for each violator. One citation was issued on Friday, five on Saturday and 28 on Sunday, the Fourth of July.

The department issued citations for illegal fireworks in the:

1200 block of Aristocrat Drive

1300 block of Tomba Drive

3400 block of Harold Street

2000 block of Darrah Street

1900 block of Phil Way

800 block of Sedona Court

3800 block of Blaker Road

1300 block of Hackett Road

800 block of Allacante Drive

3100 block of Valley Brook Drive

3800 block of Buckthorn Lane

3700 block of Woodview Drive

2225 block of Park East Drive

2700 block of Roeding Road

3900 block of Salmon Creek Court

3900 block of Rocky Falls Court 

3000 block of 8th Street

1100 block of Fox River Way

2400 block of Mountain Ridge Drive

1800 block of Southwood Drive

2900 block Agresti Drive

1700 block of Kailua Way 

3700 block of Evalee Lane

1900 block of Glen Ridge Drive

2800 block of Mockingbird Drive 

2100 block of Hackett Road

900 block of Tranquil Lane

900 block of Big Creek Lane 

2800 block of Pompeii Lane

1700 block of Kinser Road

1000 block Aristocrat Drive

1900 block of Glen Ridge Drive

1800 block of Filbert Drive

2500 block of Fifth Street