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Rain a welcome sight in Ceres
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The recent rainfall that has hit the Valley and snowfall that has dusted the Sierra Nevada could be a sign that the state's drought is coming to a close.

Weather experts have been saying California will see a return to healthy rainfall levels. The rain that occurred on Sunday and Monday could be a sign of things to come.

A total of .26 of an inch of rain fell Monday at the Modesto Irrigation District office in downtown Modesto, bringing the season total to 2.34 inches. A significant amount of rain also fell on Sunday.

A rainfall season is counted from July 1 to June 30. Stanislaus County averages 12.15 inches of rainfall in a season.

A typical November sees just 1.33 inches. An average December sees 2.12 inches.

Healthy rainfall would do much to help fill up underground aquifers from where most cities draw their water. However, a healthy snowpack would help fill the Sierra water storage projects next spring and summer.

The recent storms brought in 12 inches of snow to Dodge Ridge ski resort near Pinecrest.

The area has a lot of catching up in terms of water storage. Don Pedro Reservoir remains at 32 percent of capacity while things are much worse in New Melones Reservoir, which is 11 percent of capacity. McClure Reservoir on the Merced River is at seven percent of capacity.

The National Weather Service forecasts that the rain will stay away from the Valley until Sunday with more rain toward the middle of next week.