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Stay-at-home moms enjoy company of club members
Club unites mothers in Ceres, Hughson area
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The Moms Club of Ceres met Friday for an open house at the Hughson Family Resource Center. Gathered were: (front row), Jamie Alvine (daughter Rory), Crystal Real, Becky C. Vernon; (back row), Amber Rogers, Elayne Spradling, Jacklyn Melchner, Liz Monroe, Trina Hall, Lisa Saltsman, Karly Wanlass, Mirna Turner and Mindy Ramirez. - photo by JEFF BENZIGER / The Courier

Stay-at-home mothers need some adult face time to add a little sanity and balance in their domestic lifestyle. That's where the Moms' Club of Ceres works its magic.

The club, which serves Ceres, Hughson and Waterford mothers, provides a unique social setting and allows for community involvement. The group hosted an open house Friday at the Hughson Family Resource Center in Hughson. The approximately 25 members want other mothers to know how enriching meetings can be.

Member Mindy Ramirez of Ceres said the club provides relief to mothers. It allows moms to come together and share experiences.

"We all actually have the same experiences," said Ramirez, "and we learn from each other. We all become friends. We've been friends for years. Some of these girls have been here six years, seven years."

"We emphasize more on the moms because it is a mom's club, even if you're working part-time or your children is in school," said Ramirez. "I have older children and younger children. If

Christina Damas of Hughson dropped by Friday to find out more about the club. Damas said she has a desire to socialize with the other moms since her two small children limit her abilities to leave the house.

"I'd like to be able to get out and interact more with adults and for both of my daughters to interact with other kids," said Damas. "I'm looking forward to it."

The women meet on the first Friday of each month at 10 a.m. at the Hughson Family Resource Center on 2413 Third Street, Hughson. The children are cared for in the next room by child development staff of the Hughson Family Resource Center. The women often share ideas and emotional support for whatever the mom is going through, and plan fun activities to do together, such as picnics, arts and crafts sessions, trips to the lake or other attractions and host swim parties in the summer. Generally about three to four activities are planned each week. The women engage in community service projects and have activity groups. Last year the women participated in fundraiser walks for autism and heart health. The club assists the Children's Crisis Center in Modesto on a regular basis.

The club charges dues of $25 per year.